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 The Glass Horse

Titre original : Le Cheval de verre
Traducteur : Godfrey Burston
Année de parution : 1964
Nombre de pages : 133 pages
Couverture cartonnée avec jaquette
Editeur : University of London Press
Format : 22 cm

Résumé: « An unusual story set against the background of Venice. A tense situation arises when Mario is falsely accused of kidnapping Nello, the boy to whom his friend, Lucia, is nursemaid. But one loyal friend remained to Mario - Pietro -another young Venetian. Together they set out by gondola to clear Mario in the only way left to them, by rescuing Nello themselves.”

Autre résumé: “Mario and lucia, two young Venetians, had been friends since childhood and when Lucia's father became ill and had to go into a sanatorium, Mario left his apprenticeship in a Murano glassworks, to become for the summer a porter in Venice in an effort to help Lucia's family. His sacrifice seemed to have been in vain as Lucia, through a misunderstanding, appeared to have spurned his offer. She had become a child's nurse in one of the luxurious palaces that overlook the Grand Canal and when Nello, her charge, was kidnapped, Mario was blamed. But one loyal friend remained to Mario-Pietro-another young Venetian. Together they set out by gondola to clear Mario in the only way left to them, by rescuing Nello thenselves. The colourful city of Venice, with its palaces standing by the canals which serve as streets, is a background rich in history and excitingly apprpriate to this unsual story.”



Paquita the ballerina from Mallorca

Titre original : La ballerine de Majorque
Nombre de pages : 224
Editeur : New York, Sterling Pub. Co.
Année de parution : 1958




Pursuit in the French Alps

Titre original : La Croix d’Or de Santa Anna
Illustrateur : Margery Gill
Année de parution : 1963
Nombre de pages : 157 pages
Couverture cartonnée
Editeur : Lothrop, Lee & Shepard Co. Inc. - New York

Résumé : “A French boy challenges an unknown enemy in the rugged Alpine border country to establish the innocence of a young Italian accused of theft.”


The Gold Cross of Santa Anna

Titre original : La Croix d’or de Santa Anna
Traducteur : Thelma Niklaus
Illustrateur : Margery Gill
Editeur : University of London Press
Nombre de pages : 144 Pages
Année de publication : 1962
Format : 22 cm

Résumé : "I don't understand," Vincent kept saying to himself, trembling with shock. "I just don't understand." Vincent had come alone to the mountain to cut hay, and he had anticipated loneliness. He had expected to see no one, and least of all a stranger who retreated fearfully at his approach and shook his fist threateningly. But the hostile stranger was only the first of a number of mysteries that changed the friendly mountain to a storm-bound place of terror for the boy and his courageous dog. The pattern of events in this story presents Vincent with problems which demand decisions involving far more than simply the necessity to act in his own defence: at times, in fact, he is justified in wondering whether or not he is morally obliged to place himself in danger for the sake of a distraught mother and her daughter who, over the border, in another country, await the news that only Vincent can give them. This new suspense-adventure is by the author of the Orphans of Simitra, which was awarded the Prix Enfance du Monde.”

Autre résumé: “A fourteen-year-old French boy, alone for the summer haymaking in the Alps, stumbles on a mystery concerning a theft from a mountain chapel on the Italian side of the frontier. To help an Italian girl, whose brother is wrongly accused, Vincent tracks down the real thief during many mysterious comings and goings in the mountains and recovers the golden cross. By the author of The Orphans of Simitra, winner of the Prix Enfance du Monde.”



The Orphan Of Simitra

Titre original : Les Orphelins de Simitra
Traducteur : Thelma Niklaus
Année de parution : 1957
Nombre de pages : 144 pages
Couverture cartonnée avec jaquette
Editeur : University of London Press
Format : 22 cm


Puffin edition
Traduit par Thelma Niklaus
Illustrations : Gill M


Edition Penguin 1968


Il existe une édition de 144 pages, cartonnée, parue en juillet 1971 aux éditions Hodder & Stoughton Ltd. 

Résumé : “One day tragedy comes to Simitra. An earthquake destroys the village and devastates the countryside; poor Porphyras and Mina are orphaned and are forced to wander across Europe. In France this book won the Prix Enfance du Monde.”

Autre résumé: “When the earthquake strikes the little Greek Village of Simitra, it destroys the home of the Patagos family and orphans twelve-year-old Porphyras and his little sister, Mina. The children, now homeless, are forced to wander over Europe. The fascination of other lands is vividly conveyed as we follow the children on their travels. The affection they have for each other and their cheerful good humour brings them safely through many perilous adventures.”

Critiques de l’époque :

"The story is decisive, clear as the sky of Greece which runs through it like a motive." The Times Educationnal Supplement

"The fascination of other lands is vividly conveyed and the affection of these children for each is movingly portrayed." Manchester Evening News

"... told with charm and humour." The Scottish Education News

"... this book gives an admirable picture of life in Greece, Holland and France." Birmingham Post

"... A natural story which might so easily have happened." Yorkshire Evening Press



The runaway flying horse

Titre original : Le petit cheval de bois (extrait des « Contes de mon chalet »)
Illustrateur : William Pène du Bois
Traducteur : Susan Kotta
Album illustré, cartonné avec jaquette.
Format : 22 cm



The spanish fan

Titre original : L’éventail de Séville
Traducteur : Anthony Cappuyns
Editeur : Heinemann: London
Année de parution : 1960
Nombre de pages : 173
Edition cartonnée avec jaquette
Format : 20 cm


The friends of Croix-Rousse

Titre original : Les Compagnons de la Croix-Rousse
Traducteur : Godfrey Burston
Illustrateur: Geraldine Spence
Editeur : University of London Press Ltd
Année de parution: 1963
Nombre de pages : 136 pages

Résumé : « When Tidou's family moves to a top-floor flat in the old Croix-Rousse district of Lyons, is forced to leave behind his dog and close companion, Kafi. Without his dog he is miserable. So, with the help of the Big Boulder gang whom he meets at school, Tidou attempts to get Kafi brought secretly to the city. But When Kafi unexpectedly disappears, the friends of Croix-Rousse are led into a mystery and adventure they had not bargained for.”

Autre résumé : “Tidou had to leave the vines and olive trees of his village in sunny Provence. His family went to live in a top-floor flat in the old Croix-Rousse district of Lyons. Unfortunately, Kafi, Tidou's dog and close companion, could not go with them. Without his dog, Tidou was miserable in those drab surroundings until at school he made the acquaintance of the Big Boulder Gang, who agreed to help him get Kafi brought secretly to Lyons. The evening of his arrival, Kafi vanished. Had he been stolen? Was his disapperance connected with a nearby burglary that same night? This was the mystery that the friends of Croix-Rousse: Tidou, Mady, the little invalid girl, and the rest of the "Big Boulders", sought to solve in that great, foggy city on the banks of the Rhone.”



Compagnons de la Croix-Rousse

Titre original : Les Compagnons de la Croix-Rousse
Date de parution : 1974
Nombre de pages : 96
Publisher: Hodder Arnold H&S
ISBN-13: 9780340124604


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